Sterling Jackson

Data Engineer

“I really like data, which sounds kinda strange when you say it out loud.”

“I enjoy answering tech-related questions on Quora.”

As Lirio’s Data Engineer, Sterling covers a lot of ground—helping with data management, ETL/data integration, data warehouse building, and jumping in anywhere else he can help. With a background in both software and data engineering, he has operated exclusively with SQL, ETL, JavaScript, and PHP. Sterling has worked on complex ETL processes for supporting personalized marketing campaigns, business process automationall-in-one business platformsand more. 



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “Linux.” 

Favorite artist: “Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Nightwish, Halestorm.” 

Favorite thing as a child: “As a young child, I was usually off in a corner by myself reading or playing video games every chance I got. My favorite author was Jules Verne. As a teenager I got into computers and software engineering because I wanted to make games. Later on, through my dad’s influence, I became very interested in business.”

Special hobbies/interests: “I used to love playing tennis and biking a lot—need to get back into both.” 

Location: “Sacramento Area (Folsom); Denver Area (Parker); Knoxville.” 

Other: “I have 2 kids (8-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl), 2 cats, and a dog. I drink entirely too much coffee (cream, no sugar) and love playing with new technologies. I enjoy answering tech-related questions on Quora.”