Mike West

Chairman & CEO

Mike's life journey is focused on constant improvement and learning.

“Fly fishing is a perfect mix between being active and intellectual because, as they say, ‘You have to trick ‘em, hook’ em, and land ‘em!’"

Mike’s list of credentials goes on for eons. His corporate executive leadership dates to the early 90s, and his repetitive history of success as an entrepreneur began in 1998. Years of entrepreneurial, executive management, financial management, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, and business development experience render Mike an outstanding leader for the Lirio team.

Work & Education:

Chairman and CEO, Lirio, 2018–Present 

Chairman of the Board, Lirio, 2016–Present

Senior Partner & CEO, BPV, 2011–2016

Managing Partner, Northshore Management Company, LLC, 2003–Present 

Founder, Chairman, President, & CEO, HomePoint.com, 1998–2003

Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Planning, ZCI Integrated Solutions

President & CEO, Alliance for Quality Care, 1995

Executive Director, University Cardiovascular Care Consortium, 1993

B.S., Marketing Management, University of Tennessee, 1989

Personal Bio:

Mike is a Knoxville native who lives a life full of adventure with his wife and their two kids. Mike has learned from experience that there is no substitute for actually doing the work. As a result, each decision he makes is carefully planned and diligently executed. He believes in good friends, hard work, and enjoying life. His life journey is focused on constant improvement and learning.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “PC”

“Random fact: I love to fly fish for trout. Traveling to fish is a passion. Trout don’t live in ugly places.”

“Fly fishing is a rhythmic sport. Women are better than men. You know why? Women have rhythm. Men think everything they do needs to have force and testosterone.”

Affiliations & Honors:

John C. Whitehead Award

Advisory Council to the Dean of the College of Business Administration

Former member of the Board of Directors for the Historic Tennessee Theatre

Chair of the Sustainability Campaign for the Historic Tennessee Theatre

Chair of the Endowment Campaign at the University of Tennessee SIM Center

Board member of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

Former Board member of Blount Hearing and Speech Foundation

Former Director of the Jason Foundation

Former member of the Advisory Council to the President at Furman University

Former lecturer for the University of Tennessee’s College of Business Administration

2010 Entrepreneur of the Year for the University of Tennessee College of Business Administration