Nick Donald

Software Engineer

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.” - Bruce Lee

“Jack of All Trades, Master of None”

Nick is a software engineer proficient with Java, Angular, and other web technologies with five years’ experience in software development. He thrives in an innovative environment, working with new technologies, languages, and frameworks. Nick does whatever it takes to get the job done—and to get it done properly—which is why he joined Lirio, to build a great product with great people.



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “Linux/Unix for work stuffs; although Windows has the bigger gaming market.”     

Favorite artist: “I really like a wide variety of music: EDM and its many flavors, progressive metal, rock, big band, jazz, and soul & fusions thereof, hip-hop, J- & K-pop, reggae & ska, folk, and classical/orchestral. Bob Ross is also pretty awesome.” 

Favorite thing as a child: “If we’re talking about being a single-digit-aged child: Legos, K’Nex, army men, and games on the NES/Genesis/N64. If we’re talking about being a double-digit-aged child: Boy Scouts, LAN-parties, Airsoft & fireworks battles, and choir & madrigals.” 

Special hobbies/interests: “Electric-Universe & space weather aficionado, games, movies/TV/anime, non-fiction books, cooking, gardening, food & beverage connoisseur, hiking, kayaking/rafting, and travel.” 

Location: “Live in West Knoxville now; grew up in the North Pinellas/Tampa, FL area and moved to east TN in October 2015.” 

Other: “Used to be a lifeguard for a couple years, was an Eagle Scout, performed in Carnegie Hall once, used to own a Sulcata Tortoise, have both skydived and hang-glided—and would do it more often, if it wasn’t so pricey.” 

Extra Credit

  • CompTIA A+ 
  • LE-1 Linux Essentials