Our Team


Mike West

Chairman & CEO

Christopher Symons

Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Marten den Haring

Chief Product Officer

Wade Chandler

Head of Development

Patrick Hunt

Chief Strategy Officer

Chandra Osborn

Chief Behavioral Officer

George Hashbarger, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Behavioral Science

Artificial Intelligence

Zack Kimble

Director, Data Science

Jim Andress

Senior Machine Learning
Research Engineer

Kathy Benitez

Data Analyst

Chad Mitchell

Data Scientist

Sterling Jackson

Data Engineer

Junfeng Liu

Machine Learning Engineer

Software Development

Bo Martin

Lead Senior Software Developer

Jason Charcalla

Senior Cloud Engineer

Caroline Lee

Software Engineer

Ben Alvey

Lead Senior Cloud Engineer

Mahendra Duwal

Machine Learning Developer

Nick Donald

Software Engineer

Andrew Bolce

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

Greg Corujo

Software Engineer

Sean Jarnigan

Quality Assurance Engineer

Product & Marketing

Sarah Williams

Product Manager, Technology

Katie Bibee

Managing Editor

Dennis Stepp

Product Owner

Ginger Wallace

Production Designer

Maggie Kornahrens

Director, Marketing

Taylor Hurdle

Graphic Design &
Social Media Specialist

Client Support

Patrick Carlton

Director, Account Management, Health

Danielle Buckins

Director, Account Management, Energy

David Kazanjian

Director, Project Management

Scott Aaron

Project Manager

Jennifer Grindstaff

Project Manager

Amy Swanson

Sales Operations Manager

Thomas West

Sales Executive, Health


John Connor

Director, Operations & Accounting

Sandy McDermott

Senior Accountant

Brenton Powers

Senior Accountant

Adam VanMeter

Director of Information Security

Ashley Fields

Administrator for CEO &
Chairman Mike West

Melissa Tyrrell

Office Manager

New Hires

Cole Lillard

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mohammad Raji

Data Scientist

Peter Capobianco

Director of Strategy and Finance

Board of Directors

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