About Lirio

Finding the Best Next Action

Lirio applies the psychology of human behavior, the power of big data, and the efficiency of machine learning to help our clients improve their business outcomes. We surface the right action and message to each individual to provide mass personalization.

We believe that the right message to the right person at the right time can change the world.

Our Passion

The core purpose of our organization is to improve outcomes for others by understanding, engaging, and providing relevant communication.


Our vision is to transform automated marketing into highly relevant communication and ultimately achieve 99.98% engagement for our clients. We focus on industries that are ripe for communication disruption, have a need to change human behavior, and seek to improve the outcomes of their clients.


Our culture is built with people that believe in our vision, share the same core values, and strive to be the very best. Consistently holding each other to the highest standards, we recruit and retain the very best talent to support our core technology, share our story with the world, and be the thought leaders in the verticals we serve.


Our business opportunity is compelling. Our goal is to disrupt each industry we serve and consistently expand into new verticals. Each vertical requires industry-specific expertise to enable application of the technology and maximize results. Our goal is to be the best-in-breed customer relationship automation vendor in the industries we serve.

Our Principles

Technology is about usability, not capability. Thus, we are in the business of solving problems, not creating features.


To be used, software must be sickeningly simple—adapted to the way people use technology.

One size does not fit all, and “content” is commodity. We believe people read articles, posts, comments, and white papers that are personalized and relevant to them. They don’t just consume a buffet of content.

Built to integrate, we do not have to develop our own technology for every proposed feature. Our approach is to integrate with the best technologies.

Our Promise

At Lirio, we work diligently to deliver on the following promises:

  • Your experience will be sickeningly simple.
  • Call us, we’ll answer. Email us, we’ll respond.
  • We will probably make mistakes, but we’ll fix them.
  • We won’t ”sell” you something you don’t need.
  • You will be delighted with your experience and your outcomes.
  • We will maintain integrity between the client experience and our core values.

Core Values

Lirio starts with a belief that when great people set out to do great work, the opportunities are endless. The following core values are in practice every day throughout the organization:

We get there together.

Our success depends on the teamwork of our employees. Despite ups and downs, we win together.

Ask why.

We don’t settle for the status quo. We approach things differently and ask questions that lead to innovation and improvement.

Wrestle the bear to the ground.

We deliver excellence by never stopping short, always actively responding to our customers’ needs, and never letting up until the job is done.

Do the right thing.

We do the right thing, in spite of the noise. Cutting through the noise and mediocrity of the world, we hold ourselves accountable to always do what is right.

Bend, don’t break.

We are young, hungry, and agile. As change happens, we adapt without lamenting “what ifs” and bygones. Creative, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and rewarded.

Fun, no games.

Play is an important part of our culture, but political games, entitlement, and division of the team isn’t us. We respect diversity in thought, debate, and dialogue.