Thomas West

Sales Executive, Health

Thomas loves traveling and UT football.

“This is Watson. He is approximately five years old, he spent three months in a shelter, and he loves long walks on the beach.”

Thomas‘ background in sales, banking, business, and software make him a great asset to Lirio. He spent over four years as the head of sales at a startup custom sublimation apparel company. During Thomas’ time with the company, their sales grew from $20,000 annually to over $1,000,000. He also founded a start-up software company called Silkops.



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “Both, but I prefer Mac.”

Favorite artist(s): John Mayer, Michael Bublé

Favorite thing from childhood: “Tennessee football”

Location: Thomas grew up in Knoxville and spent much of his time going to Tennessee football games.

Other: Thomas and his wife, Alexa, have a dog named Watson (pictured above).

He attended Virginia Tech University, where he enjoyed scuba diving, traveling, actively participating in the Pamplin School of Business, and focusing on startups.

His aspirations include continuing to venture into startups, traveling the world with his wife and friends, and channeling his achievements toward a greater good, like coral reef and ocean conservation.


Lirio Award Winner

“Ask Why” – 2017

We don’t settle for the status quo. We approach things differently and ask questions that lead to innovation and improvement.