Scott Pagodin

Director of Software Development

“I’m like the anti-Apple.”

“This is my money tree—harvested March 3rd, 2016 at a stellar 17 inches tall, and now it's 18 inches.”

With over a decade of Business Intelligence (BI) experience, Scott combines great team leadership skills with his expertise in business analytics and hospitality operations to blow all other Software Development Directors out of the water. Here at Lirio, Scott handles software integration, manages Lirio development efforts, and is directly accountable to the most senior level of organization.

Work & Education:

Director of Software Development, Lirio, 2016–Present

Director of Business Analytics & Marketing Operations, BPV Capital Management, 2013–2016

Director of Enterprise Analytics, Ruby Tuesday, 2011–2013

Director of Operations Support Analysis, Ruby Tuesday, 2006–2011

General Manager, Ruby Tuesday, 2002–2006

BSBM, Business Management, University of Phoenix, 2009

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, 1998

Personal Bio:

Scott has been married for 15 years and has two children. Although Scott grew up in Vermont, he considers Tennessee home. Some of his specialties include labor resource planning, media and marketing optimization, consumer insights, sales forecasting, and business planning.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “PC all the way. I’m like the anti-Apple.”

Favorite artist: “M.C. Escher.”

Favorite thing from childhood: “Construx.”


“Grilled food is best.”