Miranda Carr, CFA

Senior Vice President of Financial Solutions

“The stock market is a voting machine whereon countless individuals register choices which are partly the product of reason and partly the product of emotion.” - Ben Graham

“I bleed orange. It represents the University of Tennessee.”

Miranda’s dynamic skill set makes her an invaluable resource for all things finance. She is a CFA charterholder with over a decade of experience in investment management, she has been Portfolio Manager to a global macro investment strategy and served on the investment committees for several alternative funds. As President of Finworx, Miranda’s responsibilities range from applying behavioral finance concepts across content to managing a team of research analysts responsible for monitoring the market, surfacing investment insights, and analyzing and reporting financial research. She plays a key role on the executive team, helps facilitate client relationships, and assists in product and content development.

Work & Education:

Senior Vice President Financial Solutions, Lirio

Director of Research, Finworx

Managing Director, Quintium Advisors LLC

Portfolio Manager for the Core Diversification Fund, Quintium Advisors LLC

Committee Member, Quintium Investment 

Senior Analyst, Quintium Advisors LLC

Analyst, Northshore Capital Advisors

CFA Charterholder

MBA, Concentration in Finance & Economics, Columbia Business School

BS, Business Administration: Concentration in Finance, Collateral in International Business, Magna Cum Laude, University of Tennessee

Personal Bio:

Miranda is originally from Central Florida, but she considers Tennessee home. Well versed in wealth management, portfolio management, and asset allocation, she serves as an advisor to the University of Tennessee’s Torch Funds.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “Mac at home.”

Favorite artist(s): “Rembrandt, Monet”

Favorite thing from childhood: “I liked to read.”