Miranda Carr, CFA

Chief Operations Officer

“The stock market is a voting machine whereon countless individuals register choices which are partly the product of reason and partly the product of emotion.” - Ben Graham

“I bleed orange. This represents the University of Tennessee.”

As Chief Operations Officer, Miranda plays a key role on the executive team—helping to maximize operational efficiency, facilitate client relationships, allocate resources, develop product and content, and more for Lirio. Miranda is a CFA charterholder with over a decade of experience in investment management. She has been Portfolio Manager to a global macro investment strategy and served on the investment committees for several alternative funds.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/davismiranda


Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “Mac at home.”

Favorite artist(s): “Rembrandt, Monet”

Favorite thing from childhood: “I liked to read.”

Location: Miranda is originally from Central Florida, but she considers Tennessee home.

Other: Well-versed in wealth management, portfolio management, and asset allocation, Miranda serves as an advisor to the University of Tennessee’s Torch Funds.

She is married and has twin daughters.