Melissa Tyrrell

Office Manager

Melissa is always looking for more efficient ways to do things ...


“... and if that happens to include folders and labels, then all the better.”

Melissa is a master at project management, task organization, record keeping, scheduling, booking, planning, resource gathering, strong arming, and countless other skills that make life better and more manageable for the whole Lirio team. She has two passions in life: efficient organization and serving others, which encompass everything from making sure someone has the office supplies they need to mentoring youth to help them navigate the tumultuous teenage years. At Lirio, she even knows when to remind us to breathe!



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “PC.”

Favorite artist: “Author Khaled Hosseini, and my all-time favorite band is Motley Crew.”

Favorite thing as a child: “Playing rummy with my grandmother.”

Special hobbies/interests: “I love to plan and host parties, especially parties involving a fire pit.”

Location: Melissa moved to Knoxville from Florida in 2005.

Other: Melissa is married with “three kids, one daughter-in-law, and one precious grandbaby.”

Melissa volunteers as a small group leader for middle school girls at her church.

She is also a Girl Scout troop leader.