Mara Tyler

Senior Content Strategist – Health

“All good things are wild and free"- Henry David Thoreau

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes." - Henry David Thoreau

Mara is really into changing the world. With a background in healthcare marketing, she’s been a ghostwriter for two New York Times bestselling authors, and has crafted messaging for hospitals, health startups, and leading consumer health websites. Mara has trained with some of the best direct-response copywriters in the country. She thrives on the ever-present challenge of finding the right words to encourage action and change for a healthier, happier world. Mara puts her mission into action by helping Lirio create messaging that inspires behavior change for the better.



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “Mac. PCs give me anxiety.”

Favorite artist: “Anything thought-provoking, dreamy, and folky. Also, bluegrass is life.”

Favorite thing as a child: “When my dad encouraged me to sing to the trees in the backyard to help them grow. I believe this fostered a lifelong obsession with nature and music. And potentially a strangeness I can’t undo.”

Special hobbies/interests: “Pizza and power yoga. Generally not at the same time.”

Location: “Nashville, by way of Bend, Oregon”

Other: “My three great loves are my 3-year-old Australian Shepherd, my fiance, and my mom.”