Kenny Bailey

Chief Revenue Officer

“You have two ears and one mouth; use them accordingly.”

“I’m a wing-tip guy! Even my tennis shoes are wing tips!”

Kenny is a leader in product management, marketing, and innovation with over 20 years of experience—15 in healthcare technology—delivering solutions to both B2B and B2C markets. Whether he is mapping out long-term business strategies or swiftly executing vital deliverables, Kenny is a key crusader for Lirio. His list of specialties includes creating new business opportunities, developing business models, agile methodology, user-centered design, and much more.



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC? “I’m a Mac guy. I used to be a PC guy for years … a converted Mac guy would be the best way to say it.”

Favorite artist: “I kind of have a weird obsession right now with Royal Blood … and all rock.”

Favorite thing as a child: “We were big BMX bikers, that was freedom for us (best friends, brothers).”

Special hobbies/interests: Kenny is an avid cyclist and triathlete with a passion for wing-tip shoes and high-fashion socks. (Look out, Jeremy Floyd!)

“I ride bike a lot; I’ve been doing triathlons … it would have been funny if I’d brought my wetsuit … I’m a horrible swimmer. I’m what they call an adult onset swimmer.”

Location: Originally from Oregon, Kenny is now based in Nashville with his family.

Other: A rock music enthusiast and “converted Mac guy,” Kenny went to school for TV and has since spent over 15 years helping healthcare technologies succeed. The bottom line? Kenny gets things done


Reach out to Kenny.

Kenny has spent years working with healthcare organizations and loves to hear about their goals and challenges to help identify specific solutions to fit their needs. Reach out to him to start a conversation or to learn more about Lirio Health and how we help deliver the right message to the right person at the right time to drive outcomes.