John C. Martin, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

John knew he hated school as early as the second week of kindergarten, so naturally he worked to get his Ph.D. in computer science.

John enjoys fixing the heavy equipment he collects as a hobby.

John is a respected thought leader in machine learning, particularly in large-scale text processing for latent semantic analysis (LSA). He is a principal author of the LSA_Toolkit software library for semantic textual analysis, and he applies LSA and other NLP techniques to motivate behavioral change with Lirio. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science and almost 30 years of experience building high availability software systems, John is the perfect fit to lead Lirio’s data science and machine learning initiatives for automatic discovery and delivery of meaningful insights and actions at scale.

Work & Education:

Chief Technology Officer, Lirio, 2017–Present

SVP, CTO, Chief Data Scientist, Vortext Analytics, Inc., 2016–2017

Founder, CFO, and Senior Consultant, Small Bear Technologies, Inc., 2004–Present

Software Engineering Consultant, 2002–2003

VP Operations and Chief Engineer, Wisdom Software, Ltd, 1998–2002

Member of Professional Staff, Software Engineering Technology, Inc, 1996–1998

Software Engineering Consultant, Thorn Hill Software Development Association, 1995–1996

Lead Programmer Analyst, Ingram Entertainment, 1992–1994

Assistant Data Processing Manager, Milligan College Computer Services, 1989–1992

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Tennessee, 2016

M.S., Computer Science, University of Tennessee, 1997

B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics, Milligan College, 1990

Computer Science, University of New Orleans, 1986

Personal Bio:

John was born in a computer room in the late 60s and, as a child of the Air Force, has lived in so many places he doesn’t know his original home. He has been around East Tennessee for almost 30 years—apart from a short stint in Boulder, Colorado. When he’s not thinking deep thoughts about computational problems and text analytics, he is busy working on his farm trying to keep up with his wife and three kids.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “Neither. I usually build my own computer and install Linux.”

Favorite artist(s): “I have eclectic music tastes and am an avid reader of classic literature, so there are too many to name. But if furniture can count as art, my favorite artist is Gustav Stickley.”

“My first business was selling worms. My mom didn’t think anyone would buy them, but the first customer wanted ten dozen.”

“I was an Eagle Scout. Most of my scouting career consisted of starting campfires.”

John knew he hated school as early as kindergarten, so naturally, he worked to get his Ph.D. in computer science.