Jennifer Grindstaff

Customer Success Manager

“I feel like I’m doing prom photos or something.”

"When I play MMOs I play Final Fantasy XIV.”

Jennifer is a rock star with 15 years of administrative and office management experience and a deep understanding of the Lirio vision, team, and founding philosophies. She has years of experience working with our top-level executives, implementing internal initiatives, and coordinating various business efforts for key stakeholders. Known for being prompt, organized, and detail oriented, Jennifer brings a unique and extremely valuable perspective to her role as a Lirio Customer Success Manager.

Work & Education:

Customer Success Manager, Lirio, 2018–Present

Executive Assistant, Lirio, 2012–Present

Administrative Assistant, BPS, 2017

Event Coordinator, The Speakers Club, 2012–2016

Market Operations Coordinator & Executive/Personal Assistant to the CEO, BPV Capital Management, 2012

Administrative Assistant, Best Packaging, Inc., 2011–2012 

Office Supervisor, DMA Claims, 2005–2009

Reporter Services, Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters, 2005

Negotiations Client Specialist, The Debt Pros, 2003–2005

Personal Bio:

Jennifer is originally from Moulton, Alabama. She has previously lived in California for eight years, but now lives in Knoxville and happens to be a certified notary for the state of Tennessee. Jennifer is an avid gamer with a special proclivity for PlayStation 4 and Final Fantasy XIV.

Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “PC”

Favorite artist: ““I don’t like to stick to just one thing. I’m always looking for something new.”

Favorite thing as a child: “I had a stuffed animal mouse named Niblet. I slept with it until college.”

Special hobbies/interests: “My outside hobby is really gaming.”