Donna Stokes

Project Manager

Donna helps our clients overcome challenges and reach success.

She is an active committee member of Power of the Purse.


Donna has nearly a decade of experience working with utilities, businesses, and policymakers on energy and sustainability issues. She has a passion for working with customers, which she uses to help Lirio clients solve their challenges. Her energy experience spans solar, natural gas, grid operations, transmission, energy efficiency, program evaluation, and implementation, and her commitment to helping customers achieve their desired outcomes knows no bounds.



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “PC.”

Favorite thing as a child: “Marsupalami.”  (a children’s show)

Special hobbies/interests: “Volunteering with mobile meals; active committee member for Power of the Purse fundraiser; Knox Achieves mentor; football, hiking, and hanging with my family.”

Location: Knoxville native.

Other: Donna lives with her husband, daughter, and three long-haired chihuahuas.

In her free time, she is actively involved throughout the community as a Knox Achieves mentor, supporter of Mobile Meals, and committee member of the Power of the Purse fundraiser.

Donna is also a General Hospital fan.