Christian Bonnell

Data Scientist

“Getting an answer from the data is easy… it’s getting the correct answer that’s hard.”

“Statisticians, like artists, have the bad habit of falling in love with their models.” - George E. P. Box

As Lirio’s Data Scientist, Christian is responsible for mining data, developing statistical modeling, contributing to our machine learning platform, and collaborating with our team members and partners. He works with a diverse set of data sources—demographic, clinical, psychographic, etc.—to drive key decisions that support Lirio’s IDEAL Engagement Framework™ and corresponds with our development teams, behavioral psychologists, and external partners in healthcare to improve outcomes for Lirio clients and their contacts.



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “PC. I know it’s really unpopular for tech-types to like Windows, but I really like what Microsoft has been doing under Satya Nadella.”

Favorite artist: “Carlos Santana, John Coltrane, Antonio Carlos Jobim.”

Favorite thing as a child: “I was always ‘inventing’ things. Most of my toys ended up getting disassembled so I could see how they worked or use the pieces to make something else.”

Special hobbies/interests: “I write and host Murder Mystery Dinner events once a year or so. They are pretty much all based on actual historical characters, and we do a lot of research on the time period to make the experience as realistic as possible. It’s all about the immersive storytelling and empowering people to engage with the story by interpreting a character or reacting to a scene.”

Quote: “My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.” – Stephen Hawking