Brian Pouliot

Director of Behavioral Science Operations

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult." - Warren Buffet

“Those who know me know I’m not professional.”

Brian’s role is to organize and oversee the Behavioral Science Team’s operations at Lirio. For over 10 years, Brian has served as an excellent catalyst for positive change in healthcare and business by reducing the “mental friction” associated with making the right decisions. He helps facilitate the understanding of departmental strategic goals and ensure efficient and smooth departmental processes and progress. He also plans, monitors, and analyzes the Behavioral Science Team’s performance metrics. Essentially, Brian’s job is to enable his team to make good things happen. 



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “Mac.” 

Favorite artist: “I ebb and flow between classical, hip-hop, EDM, country, and indie, depending on my mood.” 

Favorite thing as a child: “Ninja Turtles and Nintendo.”  

Special hobbies/interests: “’Dad-ing’ with my daughters, golf, and spending time with friends and family.” 

Location: “Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire (live free or die!)” 

Other: “My wife and I have two cats and one dog.”