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Marten den Haring Joins Lirio as Chief Product Officer

Veteran exec to harness the potential of AI technology in healthcare and energy. KNOXVILLE, TN --  May 20, 2019  (4-minute read)This week, Marten J. den Haring, Ph.D., MSc, joins the Lirio team as Chief Product Officer with over 20 years of experience growing major...

Rationally Healthy: Overcoming Ourselves To Feel Our Best

Julie O’Brien, Principal and Behavioral Scientist at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and Opower alum, shares her findings with Lirio’s Senior Director of Behavioral Science, Greg Stielstra. Listen for a brief description of social proof and learn how behavioral science can be applied in real life to help people make healthier decisions—from vaccinations to dieting and beyond.

34-minute listen