Drive Action & Behavior Change

Better intelligence. Better behavior. Better results.

Lirio helps healthcare enterprises drive individuals toward positive behavior change at scale. We deliver mass personalization by harnessing behavioral intelligence to surface the right message to the right person to drive the right action at the right time.

Lirio Health engages patients on their terms, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time to impact behavior and motivate change.

Lirio partners with Rochester Regional Health to drive healthier patient behavior. Click to read more.

Healthcare’s Barriers to “Better”

  • Despite an abundance of clinical and actuarial data, healthcare entities often lack visibility into the behavioral biases, psychological barriers, and unique motivators that impact patients’ actions.
  • Without an individualized approach, healthcare outreach is written in one tone, from one perspective, and sent to large, diverse groups of people.
  • Healthcare organizations need a way to deliver individualized mass communication that feels personal and drives action.

The Refreshing Reality

In a world of technological innovation and incredible efficiency—sending patients home to a continuously personalized experience is both feasible and scalable.

IDEAL Engagement Framework™

The Lirio system learns and improves engagement by collecting and processing specific behavioral science engagement data through proprietary machine learning, creating a continuous learning environment about each customer and their journey toward client objectives.

We motivate the who by learning and addressing the why.


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