Sustaining Behavior Change
Better engagement. Better behavior. Better outcomes.
Lirio Health addresses the unique perceptions and behavioral barriers that influence patient actions to motivate sustained behavior change for better patient health. We empower healthcare systems, teams, and providers to be a leading factor in the personal success story of each patient you serve through highly relevant nudges and personal, relevant engagement. 

Lirio Health engages patients on their terms, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time to impact behavior and motivate change.

Lirio partners with Rochester Regional Health to drive healthier patient behavior. Click to read more.

Healthcare’s Barriers to “Better”
  • Despite an abundance of clinical and actuarial data, healthcare entities often lack visibility into the behavioral biases, psychological barriers, and unique motivators that impact patients’ actions.
  • Without an individualized approach, healthcare outreach is written in one tone, from one perspective, and sent to large, diverse groups of people.
  • Healthcare organizations need a way to deliver individualized mass communication that feels personal and motivates behavior.
The Refreshing Reality
In a world of technological innovation and incredible efficiency—sending patients home to a continuously personalized experience is both feasible and scalable.
The IDEAL Solution
Lirio’s IDEAL Engagement Framework™ leverages concepts of behavioral economics to segment and communicate with individuals on a highly personalized level, delivering the best next message to cut through the noise and bring results. Our framework is the key to personalizing patient journeys and hacking human habits in healthcare.

We motivate the who by learning and addressing the why.

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