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Healthcare’s Barriers to “Better”

Behavioral Intelligence

Despite an abundance of clinical and actuarial data, healthcare organizations often lack visibility into the behavioral biases, psychological barriers, and unique motivators that impact patients’ actions.

Individualized Engagement

Without an individualized approach, healthcare outreach is
written in one tone, from one perspective, and sent to large,
diverse groups of people.

Personalized Activation

Healthcare organizations need a way to deliver individualized mass communication that feels personal and motivates patients to follow providers’ advice to live healthier lifestyles.

Solution & Benefits From Lirio

Lirio’s behaviorally driven machine learning solution solves the engagement gap by harnessing big data to predict which information will be the most successful in motivating a change in consumer behavior. Our purpose is to drive action and change behavior for the betterment of all people.

Activate Your Data

Harness and activate disparate behavioral intelligence data to reach the objectives of you and your health consumers.

Drive Action & Behavior Change

Identify and apply behavioral engagement attributes of health consumers to drive actions at a
mass scale.

Scale Meaningful Results

Achieve better results by increasing the number of health consumers taking the right actions at the right times.

Changing customer behavior unlocks tremendous economic value:

  • Increasing top-line revenue through better health consumer engagement.
  • Ensuring physical and human resources are performing optimally.
  • Encouraging health consumers to access the right services at the right time by delivering relevant, personalized information.
  • Building trust with your patients by addressing their unique barriers and benefits.

Your patients aren’t all the same. Your communication shouldn’t be either.

IDEAL Engagement Framework™

The Lirio system learns and improves engagement by collecting and processing specific behavioral science engagement data through proprietary machine learning, creating a continuous learning environment about each contact and their journey toward client objectives.

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