Fiveworx is now Lirio Energy!
You may know us as Fiveworx, the solution that has been driving results in utilities for 5+ years. Our industry experience has taught us a lot, and in our constant effort to do better, we are challenging the status quo and adopting a new name that aligns best with our vision for future greatness—Lirio Energy.
See how we helped make the Alliant Energy Advisor program a success.

Your customers aren’t all the same. Your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Lirio helps you build trust, exceed customer expectations, and drive engagement through mass personalization. We help deliver the right message to the right person at the right time to drive outcomes.
Residential & Commercial Solutions


We help you target and engage even the hardest-to-reach customers by matching each individual’s propensities to their own, personalized Best next action recommendations. Our four proprietary personas go beyond basic demographics and serve as a starting point for each personalized customer journey. Based on our exclusive digital license of national polling on consumer attitudes, opinions, behaviors, worldviews, and propensities, our personas guide all content creation. Our extensive libraries are designed to tap into the intrinsic, emotional motivators that drive customers to take action.


Business customers present their own unique challenges for engagement because they vary in terms of their perceptions, priorities, and purchase drivers for energy efficiency. Our business propensities are a combination of industry-sector NAICS code and role within the company, giving you strategic insights into each of your commercial customers. We also help you engage your business customers with compelling messaging tailored to specific industry propensities.

Implementers Too

Looking for a way to deliver even more program results to your existing utility clients? We play well with others and love to collaborate!
Our platform drives behavior.
Go beyond meter data by leveraging behavioral science, personas, and machine learning to increase customer satisfaction, participation, and trust.
Our approach drives results.
3rd party validated
increases in CSAT
increase in program participation
more likely to participate in 5+ programs
increase in program awareness
Digital engagement rates
of industry benchmarks
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Our story.

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