We are building the very best engine to deliver the very Best Next Action to change behavior.

Our Vision

Lirio strives to achieve 99.8% engagement for our clients by transforming automated marketing into highly relevant communication. We focus on industries that are ripe for communication disruption, have a need to change human behavior, and seek to improve outcomes for their audience.

Behavioral Economics

We believe that the right message to the right person at the right time can change the world.

Undergirding our system is a belief that humans make many autonomous, subconscious decisions as a way of filtering information. To tap into the decision-making process, our team uses the work of psychologists and behavioral economists including Kahneman, Tversky, and Thaler to craft experiences that motivate behavioral change through industry-specialized material.

How It Works

Machine Learning In Action

Our products use machine learning to improve understanding, engagement, and outcomes for our users in three steps:

1. Collect Information

The core technology is designed to gather information from disparate data sets, such as current news, climate data, digital activity, and behavior (e.g. energy saving or financial behavior).

2. Surface Insights

Using machine learning, our system analyzes the disparate data sets and surfaces interesting details such as persona type, behavioral trends, and engagement optimization.

3. Put Into Action

Our system puts insights into action through email journeys, content assembly, and communication suggestions. All user activity is tracked in the database for future analysis and insights.

Currently Changing Behavior in Financial Services and Utilities

Behavioral Finance in Action

Finworx360 puts behavioral finance into action by using a Behavioral Risk Survey to segment advisors’ contacts into personas based on factors such as risk preferences and behavioral biases and offering persona-based tips for engagement.

Behavioral Risk Survey

The Behavioral Risk Survey was created based on industry best practices and psychometric principles. It uses the investor’s answers to previous questions to select the best-next question, adapting in real-time to most accurately determine each contact’s risk preferences, behavioral biases, and investment personas.

Best Serves:

  • Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firms
  • Enterprise clients
    • Investment Companies
    • Securities Firms (Broker Dealers)

Utility Customer Engagement

Fiveworx is a turnkey communications solution that combines energy consumer personas, behavioral analysis, automated email marketing, and machine learning to tailor on-the-fly personalized communications, so you can go beyond meter data to engage your customers on a deeper level. Our customer engagement platform creates stronger, better customer relationships that result in greater program participation, energy efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and deeper energy savings, ultimately helping you become more trusted and relevant to your customers.

Email Marketing Automation Software

Fiveworx uses machine learning to automate and personalize messaging while providing utilities with deep customer insights to drive greater program participation and satisfaction.

Best Serves:

  • Residential energy providers and program implementers
  • Commercial energy providers and program implementers

Our systems feature original content for segmented messaging and further customization.

Who We Strive to Be

The core purpose of our organization is to improve outcomes of the end clients by understanding, engaging, and providing relevant communication.