A better world.


A better future.


A better life.


Do better.

Better engagement. Better behavior. Better living.

Changing behavior and driving results by delivering individualized communication at scale.

Lirio is a communication technology company that uses behavioral science, personas, and machine learning to help organizations in highly specialized industries improve outcomes for the individuals they serve.
Industry Solutions
Our behavioral approach and data-driven technology help organizations achieve mission-critical objectives, like meeting state-mandated energy savings goals, growing client assets, and improving patient health.


Lirio Energy leverages residential customer personas and commercial customer propensities to deliver the most relevant recommendations to the customer of one (even with hard-to-reach customers). Our use of behavioral science and machine learning helps utilities cut through the noise and drive results in energy savings, program participation, and customer satisfaction.

Fiveworx is now Lirio Energy—new name, same great solution, technology, and team!


Lirio Finance puts behavioral finance into action. Our Behavioral Risk Survey analyzes an individual’s biases and attitudes toward risk to generate a comprehensive view of their personal risk tolerance. Our personas and technology help deliver the right message at the right time to encourage financial fitness and improve outcomes for individuals and institutions.

Finworx is now Lirio Finance—new name, same great approach, technology, and team!


Lirio Health addresses the unique behavioral barriers and perceptions that influence the actions of healthcare consumers. We use persona-based messaging, data driven predictive modeling, and behavioral science to help healthcare organizations drive sustained behavior change for improved patient health by motivating individuals to adopt healthier habits.

Wellworx is now Lirio Health—new name, same great solution, technology, and team!

Better engagement.
Better behavior.
Better living.

Our IDEAL Engagement Framework™ drives behavior change at scale.
2017 Client Experience


  • 2% of a Client’s Total Spend
  • 28% of Total Available Population
  • 1/3 of the Year Duration

Our energy solution generated:

  • 60% of Total Program Participation
  • 57% of Program Participant Savings
  • 49% of Incentives Received
Fiveworx, Finworx, and Wellworx are now Lirio Energy, Lirio Finance, and Lirio Health–with the same behavioral solutions, innovative technologies, and dedicated team of industry experts and IDEALists.